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Car dealers receive an average of 37 leads a month from their websites
Source: JD Power

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Internet Marketing Solutions

Are you only seeing part of the picture when it comes to increasing the profitability of your online business? Many companies turn to web design to make the look and functionality of their sites more viable. Web design is certainly important. But there's an approach to optimizing performance that goes even further.

That approach involves using internet marketing solutions to breathe new life into your business. One goal addressed by these solutions involves building traffic to your company's website. Regardless of how great your product is, your business won't thrive if clients can't find you. Internet marketing solutions employ proven techniques that shore up your company's visibility by increasing the number of users who visit your home page.

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Internet Marketing Solutions and More
WSI--We Simplify the Internet provides internet marketing solutions that have a proven track record of increasing revenue. One technique employed is search engine marketing. Consumers use search engines to find goods and services on the Internet. Search engine marketing gives you an edge over your competition by taking steps to help ensure that your company is the first name users see when they conduct a search for the goods or services that your company offers.

Internet marketing is just one aspect of the services offered by WSI. The company offers a comprehensive program that can help you optimize your online business efforts powerfully and efficiently, via website usability, web intelligence and more. Let WSI Internet Franchise Networks help your company thrive and succeed.

As Internet Marketing Consultants, we understand what it takes for small and medium-sized businesses to succeed online. We even have a patent-pending Internet marketing system designed to ensure that success, regardless of what type or size of business you may have.

John Wanamaker, father of the department store concept and many other retail innovations once said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

Today, John would be stunned to discover he could:

  • Track how much is spent to acquire each sale (his Return on Investment)
  • Open a new location and instantly be found by every local consumer looking for his products
  • Automate his sales processing
  • Eliminate the need to hire, train or motivate sales staff
  • Keep his shop open all day, every day, year round.

John's problem was he built his business in the 1900s. The question is why would any business owner still use antiquated processes to do business today? It doesn't make sense, but many do, likely because they don't know about the alternatives or how to get started.

The age of Internet marketing has arrived, and with it the end of wasted advertising dollars and many of the rising overhead costs involved with operating and promoting a business.

Using our ABCs of Internet Marketing Success we've helped businesses in New Jersey and the world over to get online with affordable website solutions, increase website traffic and convert website visitors into satisfied customers that keep coming back.

Browse our website to learn more about Internet marketing with WSI and why it's the best choice for promoting your business. Or contact us today for a no-obligation Internet Business Analysis with one of our Internet Marketing Consultants!

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